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A Cross Between Purple Punch and Blue Power. A Balanced Hybrid.

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Name: Power Punch
Parents: Purple Punch & Blue Power
Indica/Sativa Content: Indica: 65% Sativa: 35%
THC/CBD Content: THC: 18-21% CBD: <1%
Smell: Berry, Earthy, Kush, Grape, Sweet
Taste: Blueberry, Sweet, Fruity, Candy


Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Creative, Cerebral
Day time/ Night time: Early Evening


Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Crohn’s Disease

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2 reviews for 28gr – POWER PUNCH – BALANCED HYBRID – (AAA)

  1. MCDaddy

    Aroma: Power Punch presents a captivating aroma that combines musky sour grape notes with a subtle touch of spice. The scent is bold and pungent, making a strong initial impression on the senses.
    Texture and Moisture: The buds of Power Punch exhibit a desirable moisture level, contributing to a non-sticky texture. This allows for easy handling and consumption.
    Flavor: Upon tasting Power Punch, you’ll find a nuanced flavor profile. The initial musky sourness is accompanied by an earthy undertone and a delicate hint of woodiness. This combination of flavors adds depth to the overall experience.
    Burn Quality: Power Punch demonstrates a commendable burn quality. While the ash may exhibit a slight salt-and-pepper appearance, the smoke produced maintains a medium thickness. The consistent burn contributes to an enjoyable consumption experience.
    Potency and Effects: Although Power Punch may not deliver an overwhelming punch, its effects are noteworthy. The experience gradually unfolds, initially introducing a mild body buzz. Notably, the effects remain manageable, allowing for functionality. This makes Power Punch suitable for both daytime and evening usage.
    Overall Impression: With its intriguing aroma, well-balanced flavor profile, and manageable effects, Power Punch achieves an overall score of 3 out of 5. While the potency might not be exceptionally strong, its versatility and moderate effects make it a viable option for various occasions.

  2. Badreligion666 (verified owner)

    Vers herbal but the efter taste is good

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