$99 Extract Deals

$99 Extracts Deals

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Embark on an epic journey of extraction ecstasy with King Tuts' $99 Extract Deals! Elevate your cannabis experience without emptying your wallet. Our curated selection boasts an array of premium extracts, each priced at a budget-friendly $99. Dive into the terpene-rich world of live resin. Or embrace the glassy allure of shatter, and experience the intensity of diamonds in sauce. Our lineup includes the legendary Doc's Rocks, velvety budder, potent THC distillate, delectable sugar wax, and the dazzling brilliance of THCA diamonds.

Immerse yourself in affordable luxury as you explore these high-quality extracts. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a budget-savvy explorer, King Tuts' $99 Extract Deals deliver exceptional value without compromising on excellence. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your cannabis journey with premium extracts at an unbeatable price. Indulge, savor, and elevate—because luxury should be accessible to all!