Sugar Wax

Sugar Wax

Sugar Wax is a term used for a cannabis concentrate that is full of flavour with a slightly grainy texture. It has similar consistency to wet, sappy sugar. We refine it using heat purging and vacuuming, giving it this, ‘sugary’ texture. Additionally, it allows the THC and/or CBD to crystallize while keeping the terpene profile intact.

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What is Sugar Wax?

Sugar Wax is a concentrate that closely resembles shatter, since we create it using the same extraction method. It also has a wide range of colors from very light yellow to almost amber. But the texture and consistency will be very different after chopping. It is rich in flavor and slightly easier to use than other extracts because it is thicker. As the name suggests, it tastes like sugar.

How to make Sugar Wax?

Sugar Wax was an accidental discovery. Under the influence of various factors affecting wax, such as weather, condensation and others, it can turn into it through crystallization. Many people found this new form attractive, and manufacturers have now perfected the process. Manufacturers can now make wax with a sweet texture, often using varieties that retain water better.

The extraction of is similar to that of other BHOs, but also requires significant mixing during the process to produce the desired product.

How to use cannabis Sugar Wax?

You can consume Sugar Wax the same way as most concentrates: by heating and inhaling the vapors, called dabbing. You can buy a fancy dab bang – in simple terms, a more complicated dab bang.

There is always an e-nail, an electronic device that allows greater control of the process, including precise temperature control. An easier and less expensive way to get wet would be to purchase a nectar collector, a type of tube used to inhale the vapor of the heated extract, like a bee hovering over a nectar-filled flower.

Enthusiasts who consume cannabis concentrates on the go, away from home, should consider a dedicated portable vaporizer suitable for concentrates. Be sure to check with the manufacturer as most vaporizers are only suitable for oil and sometimes flower as well.

Watering bowls is also a popular option: you can liven up a bowl full of flowers by sprinkling some extract on top. However, remember that you will need a blowtorch to heat the extract.

The best temperature for dabbing is 315-450°F, which provides a smooth and comfortable experience.

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