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Vape Cart Refills

What is vaping?

Vaping weed involves heating cannabis products using a vaporizer to produce vapor for inhalation. Vaping is one of the hottest trends among cannabis users right now – and for good reason. And this is why consumers love using Vape Cart Refills to make their own carts!

Vaping helps prevent the health risks associated with cannabis use. Additionally, vaping is more discreet than smoking. Moreover, it allows you to fully enjoy the aroma and flavor profile of your favorite strains. Cannabis vaporizers can be used on the go when you need an extra dose of cannabinoids but don't have the time or space to smoke weed. In addition, vaporization ensures maximum bioavailability of cannabis, meaning less substance is needed to achieve the desired effect.

How do THC vape cartridges work?

Using a THC vape cartridge is very similar to smoking regular cannabis flower. However, you are actually inhaling two very different things. Smoking cannabis flower involves burning or completely burning the bud to produce smoke. Burning the herb creates new compounds that are then inhaled along with the compounds found in cannabis. These new compounds are often toxic and can cause tar to build up in the lungs.

Vaping, on the other hand, involves heating the flower or extract to a temperature high enough to activate the compounds without burning them. This means that you only inhale the compounds and ingredients originally contained in your cannabis product. For this reason, vaping marijuana is considered by experts to be a healthier alternative to regular smoking and may even reduce the risk of respiratory problems. 

When you inhale vapor, THC molecules behave very similarly to when you smoke marijuana. When THC enters the lungs, the lung membrane quickly absorbs the particles and passes them directly into the bloodstream. They then quickly reach the brain, where they can take effect.

THC works primarily by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, a complex cellular network that influences functions such as appetite, mood, pain relief, and more. This easily explains many of the most common effects of THC, such as euphoria, relaxation, and the classic “snack” phenomenon. The journey from the lungs to the brain only takes a few minutes. Henceforth, inhaling is one of the fastest ways to consume cannabis.

What is THC cannabis oil? 

With Cannabis Oil you can enjoy the therapeutic properties of cannabis without having to inhale the smoke or vapor of the marijuana flowers themselves. These products are full-spectrum cannabis extracts with varying THC/CBD ratios to meet our customers' needs. The cannabis extract is then incorporated into a carrier oil to increase the bioavailability of THC and CBD.

To consume, you can place a few drops of oil under your tongue and allow it to absorb. Sublingual ingestion methods have proven to be one of the most effective methods of ingesting cannabis oils. This is because their effects are quick and powerful. If you don't want to taste the cannabis oil you consume, you can add these oils to your food and drinks. However, this obscures the taste and consistency of the oil.

If you don't want to consume THC Cannabis oil orally, you can use it as Vape Cart Refills! This way you can vape your concentrate and still get the amazing high.

Why use a Vape Cart Refill

Due to the recent increase in low-quality e-cigarette cartridges, many consumers have decided to learn how to make their own distillate cartridges. This gives you complete control over the ingredients and portions. Keep reading to find out how to use our Vape Cart Refills! 

What you need to refill your vape cartridge

How to use a Vape Cart Refill

Step one: Add the distillate to the mixing bottle

The first step in filling carts with distillate is to use empty bottles to mix the pure distillate and terpenes. Pour the pure distillate into the mixing bottle using a syringe. This process is a little different from using wax. When working with wax, you will need to build a water bath. You will then need to heat water in a pot to melt the wax in the bowl.

Step two: Heat the mixing bottle and add the terpenes

In the second phase, you heat the distillate on a hot plate to obtain a more liquid consistency. Make sure the distillate is heated enough to be liquid enough to mix. Use a different container to transfer your distillates and terpenes to avoid contamination when first learning how to fill a dab cart.

Using a syringe and needle, add the exact amount of terpenes to the distillate. If you want the natural taste of marijuana, you can use online cannabis stores that offer terpenes for sale. In most cases, the amount of terpenes should be 10% of the total distillate. Since volume changes with temperature, it would be advisable to store the terpenes away from excessive heat and light before mixing.

Step three: Refill the empty cartridge

The final step after mixing the terpenes with the distillate would be to use a syringe and needle to fill an empty cart. Once added to the insert, the mixture will still have the consistency of honey, but will cool over time and settle in the insert.

Then close the cartridge with the plastic caps included in the set or with the mouthpiece. It's best to leave the mixture in the cart for about 12 to 24 hours before using it.

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