British Columbia: Best Cannabis in the World?

There are not many cannabis connoisseurs out there that would argue with the thought that the best cannabis available come from one single place: British Columbia. BC bud, a commonly used term, to acknowledge the accepted view that BC produces some of the best weed in the world. Why British Columbia know for such sought-after marijuana? What sets it apart from the rest? Here are a couple of reasons why BC creates such top-shelf weed…

Canadian Conditions

Of all the Canadian Provinces, British Columbia has the most forgiving climates. This weather also happens to be ideal for growing marijuana! BC has mild relatively, humid environmental conditions in many parts of the province. The cool temperature of the autumn months fosters resilience in plants, while the above average warmth in the summers encourages growth. With the addition of rainforest showers and fertile earth, this makes BC’s marijuana healthier, and thus more potent and flavorful, than plants grown elsewhere. Although outdoor growing only makes up part of BC’s weed production, the ability to produce outdoors is certainly a big bonus that the other provinces can not make use of. 

B.C. Attitude

BC Culture has a reputation known for it’s laid-back lifestyle. Not only does BC have many consumers and producers, but cannabis has been a player in BC’s economy for years — estimated at $6-9 billion annually.

This cannabis passionate population combined with the historically relaxed law enforcement regarding grow-ops and sales, has resulted in lot of fired-up cannabis advocates producing large quantities of best quality BC Bud.

This movement has therefore provided consumers lot of options to buy BC Bud, mostly online. With so many pot-growing operations and the high demand, the quality and variety of the BC weed continues to improve in the marketplace.

Marijuana Seeds

No matter how much care is given, or how perfect the climate and conditions, you can’t grow amazing cannabis from sub-par seeds. BC has a long history of using high quality seeds, some of which were supplied by scrupulous cannabis activists from the south during the Vietnam War who then relocated north along the West Coast #bestcoast. World-renowned weed doesn’t happen overnight and many will argue that the biggest factor in issuing the term B.C. Budcomes from the seeds. Coming from a long lineage of amazing parent genetics, these seeds, that have been circulating B.C. for a long time, have set the bar for amazing bud.

Try It Out, See For Yourself

Have you tried BC Bud? If not, get your hands on some, light up a dab, and enjoy the high of what is know as best-in-class cannabis weed.
Check out some BC Bud here!

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  1. Always satisfied with my product Especially BC buds. They have a lo BC has a long history of using high quality seeds and it definitely pays off! 🙂

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