Mix It Up Flower

Mix It Up Flower

King Tuts would like to offer you the opportunity to create your own Mix-It-Up of Flower but also save, as if you were purchasing a larger volume of a specific Flower. We like to call it our Mix It Up Combo Pack! Choose 4 units of favourite strains and your order will arrive with your chosen strains separated and labeled.

During Certain Sales, some Mix It Up’s will not be available.


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Welcome to the flower power playground – introducing our Mix It Up Flower deal! At King Tuts, we believe in letting you be the maestro of your bud symphony. Imagine this: you get to craft your own cannabis bouquet with our Mix It Up Combo Pack. It's like a choose-your-own-adventure for cannabis enthusiasts!

Here's the scoop – choose any 4 units from an exquisite lineup that includes joints, flower, or bulk flower. The best part? You get to save some green while enjoying the freedom to mix and match your favorite strains. Whether you're into the convenience of pre-rolls, the classic charm of flower, or the abundance of bulk flower, this deal caters to all your bud preferences.

Why should you be part of this floral fiesta? Not only do you score a sweet deal, but you also get to explore a diverse range of strains and consumption styles. It's the perfect opportunity to infuse some variety into your cannabis routine without breaking the bank.

Ready to embark on a journey of aromatic exploration? Dive into the Mix It Up Flower deal, where the possibilities are as endless as your appreciation for the green goddess!