Consuming terp sauce is a completely different experience then consuming any other concentrate. Containing up to as much as 60% more terpenes and phytocannabinoids, gives this concentrate in an intense aroma and flavour that you won’t find in other extracts. What’s more– if you add some THC (like we did with our Cannabis Diamonds in Terp Sauce) you can get high from it too.

Terpenes are plant-based compounds responsible for giving some cannabis strains their distinct smell. In cannabis, each strain possesses its own unique terpenoid profile that plays a role in the plant’s health benefits as well as the type of high we get. For a deeper understanding on terpenes, their profiles and health benefits, check out this blog here!


Even with the growing popularity around terpenes, it’s makes perfect sense if you’re still confused about what terp sauce is exactly and why you would want it. The very quick-and-dirty: terp sauce is a potent cannabis extract which is comprised of the preserved terpenes of the plant. While many concentrates lose their terpenes in the extraction process, terp sauce, is on the opposite side of the spectrum and retains all the terpenes.


The production of Terp Sauce has now made it possible for cannabis lovers to enjoy the flavours of their favourite strains in huge doses, making their experience that much more special. However, for an acceptable outcome, terp sauce preparation isn’t really for the DIY pinterester; it requires special equipment, a safe environment and a solid understanding on how to correctly process and purge the material for a pure and potent product.

A properly made terp sauce will have all the unwanted plant material, lipids and waxes filtered out, leaving a clean product that contains at least 13% terpenes.

To start things off, a high-quality strain is needed. The end product will greatly depend on what starting material is used in the beginning. More terpenes to begin with, equals better sauce at the end. Simple math.

Terp sauce is often made through a extraction processes similar to the way other concentrates are made. Many manufacturers will use BHO, ethanol or CO2 to ‘blast’ quality cannabis flower to filter and extract the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant material. 

Side Note–  Many Terp sauce producers will use fresh flowers to first make {live resin}—a concentrate cannabis oil, like wax or shatter, that preserves terpenes. This preservation makes a cleaner, more potent, and highly flavourful concentrate. Flash-freezing the flower before butane extraction further prevents the loss of terpenes. 

Ounce the extraction process is over you are left with a golden, saucy, somewhat watery liquid that is chock-full of precious terpenes and cannabinoids and minimal unwanted plant material. 

This golden saucy-water is then set aside in a cold, dark place for two to three weeks as the manufacturers patiently wait for a separation phase to begin. During this phase, AKA ‘diamond mining’, the cannabinoids held in the liquid will begin to separate. Crystals (diamonds) will form at the bottom of the container while the terpenes form a layer on top. 

Once the layers are formed and the separation phase is complete, it is time to gently pour off the terp sauce to be purged. The cannabinoid crystals (if being used) will also be purged, however this process takes a different amount of time then the sauce so therefore will need to be done separately. 

After both the Terp Sauce and the Cannabis Diamonds are purged, the two products can be reunited for a THCA infused terp sauce or enjoyed separately.














Terp sauce isn’t just for the cannabis connoisseurs, but also for those looking to enhance the medicinal properties of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids when combined. This influence that terpenes have on a the high you get from consuming cannabis is called the Entourage Effect.

The ‘entourage effect’ is a term that is used to describe the synergistic way in which cannabinoids terpenes work together to create the healing wizardry that cannabis has become notorious for. 


If you ask me, I vote YES! Terp sauce is worth it because its spotlight is on the terpene profile of a strain, not the percentage of THC. It also offers its fans the ability to enhance or modify the concentration of terpenes to any other cannabis substance they consume.

Have you tried terp sauce? Share your experience with us in the comments below!


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