King Tuts Cannabis Extract Infused Joints

What’s better than a good ol’ Joint? How about a joint with shatter in it; Or Crumble or Hash, or any other extract for that matter! Infused Joints are when you take something great (One-Grammers) and layer on something even more amazing (Extracts).

But Why infuse joints?

We all know that he benefits of cannabis are many. Flower has a plethora of reasons to use them, and those THC riddled extracts, come with their own enticements too. What you may not know is that infusing  has advantages also. These are just three of them, the most important, in no particular order.


If you are not acquainted with Extracts, they have extraordinarily high THC levels, ranging from 40 to 99%. Compare that to the 10–25% THC typically found in flower. In other words, when you add more potent cannabis extracts to your already potent flower, you get a super intense high – quickly.

This doubled-up potency is undeniably a massive draw for many cannabis enthusiasts.  However, a TON of THC is not exactly what everyone is looking for. It’s very easy to overdo it on infused joints. For this reason, although that extra-kick could be amazing, it is ill-advised to smoke entire infused joint too quickly. Take it easy and pace yourself, or better yet, invite some friends over so that all of you can get unspeakably stoned.


Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis flower. Although THC and CBD are the most widely acknowledged cannabinoids, there are actually hundreds of different ones. When I comes to infused joints, the amount of cannabinoids in a joint sprinkled with Crumble is larger than just the joint alone, or the crumble alone. As an example, you might have 10 cannabinoids, 5 terpenes, and 2 flavonoids in your Pink Kush (Smalls), but by adding some Cereal Sugar Wax you will make it 15 cannabinoids, 7 terpenes, and 5 flavonoids.

Why does this matter?

Cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds have synergistic behaviours. This is known in the industry as the “entourage effect.” This means is that you get all the benefits of all these cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids working together to maximize all the benefits and ultimately treat a wider spectrum of illnesses and their symptoms.  Put simply, They work together to boost their effects.

Remember, you can choose which extract to infuse your joint (or bowl) with. This provides smokers with a buffet table of cannabinoids to choose from.

For a deeper understanding on terpenes, their profiles and health benefits, check out this blog here!


King Tuts Cannabis sells pre-rolled Sativa, Indica and Hybrid joints. They also sell them infused already too, with hash, Shatter, Shatter and Hash or Kief.  Think one-gram joints that can last several days and ensure their money’s worth. Sounds perfect right? .. we think so 😉 However, we understand that many like to roll-at-home and hand-pick their favourites. Buy your preferred flower, then buy your favourite extract, put them together and LA-TADA! (that’s French for tada) you have YOUR perfect creation.

When it’s not wise to finish an entire joint infused with your extract of choice in one sitting, it lasts longer. And the longer you can go without having to buy more

Of course, for those brave enough and/or have built the tolerance for it, you can finish it in one go. But realistically, most of us can’t, and those new to extracts definitely should not. Cannabis is expensive, especially if you are consuming it for medicinal reasons rather than recreational ones. Infusing your joint makes it very easy to stretch your stash further than you might have thought, so you don’t break the bank.

So if you haven’t tried it yet, and you’re eager to pop your infused cherry, we have some products we highly recommend, Check out are selection of ounce deals here, and may we suggest you pair that with one of our $99 extracts? Remember each strain has their own unique benefits, so keep that in mind when you are designing your specialty High THC, High.

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