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Lava & Kush TAFFY BOMBZ are delightfully soft and chewy taffy candies with a mildly tangy flavour that will make any true edible fan smile for hours! The Variety 10 Pack offers a Mix of Strawberry, Cherry, Grape, Sour Apple, Banana and Blue Raspberry to equal 500mg of THC! Each Candy is individually wrapped with an explosive 50mg of THC per piece, turning each bite into a mouthwatering delight.



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Dose: 10 x 50mg THC per Candy 500mg THC per package
Warming: Contains Cannabis. Keep away from children and pets.
Allergy Alert: CONTAINS MCT Oil 
Storage: Store in a cool, dark place. Keep away from children and pets.
Disclaimer: Cannabis affects all people differently based on factors like genetics, physiology and lifestyle. How an edible affects others may not affect you in the same way.


7 reviews for LAVA & KUSH TAFFY BOMBZ – VARIETY PACK 10/pk (500mg THC)

  1. OneBadDab

    OneBadDab (verified owner)

    This is the true definition of laffytaffy!
    This is what laffytaffy was meant to be, now we have a real reason to eat real laughy taffy. 🍌
    Long live the king 👑

  2. mat_sublime


    As for the taste A1 nothing to say, not super tasty or fruity but no flower taste or just a bit. As for the effects, I start with a half because it is overtaking quickly, positive vibes and relief, would recommend +++.

  3. Justrobgod

    Justrobgod (verified owner)

    Yummy. Loved these.

  4. TacticalJazz


    These are great. I expected them to have a nice effect, but didn’t expect them to be so delicious!! Great product. Highly recommended.

  5. 10tiquana

    10tiquana (verified owner)

    Great product! Love the results! Will purchase again

  6. Tinyhuman

    Tinyhuman (verified owner)

    Shared these with my parents and they loved them! My favorite is the lemon, effects and flavour on point

  7. Reallybigdabs


    Great flavourful and wow do they ever work for 50mg each… feels heavier to me lol. Awesome job!

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