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Peach Natural Terpene Flavoured. 1gr Balanced Hybrid (510 Thread)

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King Tuts Peach Premium Cart (1g): Purity and potency in every puff, delivering a flavorful experience.

Flavour: Peach
THC/CBD Content: THC: 95% CBD: <1%
Smell: Peach
Taste: Peach
Day Time / Night Time: Afternoon

Looking for a sweet escape? Indulge in the King Tuts Peach Premium Cart for a flavorful adventure in every puff. This one-gram cart guarantees pure potency, delivering a delicious peachy experience that’s hard to resist.

The aroma and taste? It’s all about peach—a burst of juicy sweetness that lingers with each inhalation. Perfect for an afternoon treat, this cart embodies the essence of ripe, luscious peaches, providing a delightful vaping journey.

Buying from King Tut’s Cannabis brings added benefits! Orders over $198 qualify for free shipping and exciting free gifts. However, remember, this cart contains cannabis, so always keep it out of reach from children and pets.

Keep in mind, how cannabis affects you is as unique as you are, influenced by your biology and lifestyle. Don’t miss out on this Peach Premium Cart—it’s a fruity delight waiting to elevate your vaping experience!

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  1. Kjperry95 (verified owner)

    Love the flavor of this one! One of my favorites

  2. Redderbc (verified owner)

    good buzz, nice peach taste just not my thing.

  3. Yeahbaby (verified owner)

    Tarte good!

  4. Yeahbaby (verified owner)

    Taste good!

  5. Whatever

    Very good peach flavor, you can almost taste the fuzziness. Very enjoyable vape, nice and smooth delivery.

  6. Snuke (verified owner)

    Great flavor, those king tuts carts are well made.

  7. Letchy (verified owner)

    it’s like a Fuzzy Peach in a puff of vapor

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